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The Onion staff may be psychic

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , , , , , on January 7, 2009 by dan

Check out this Onion article written in January of 2001

It’s eerie as shit.


An Untitled Play I Just Made Up

Posted in Humor, New Ideas with tags , , , , on September 9, 2008 by chumpchange

Scene: An old timey candy store, where we meet Man 1 and Man2, these are their real names. Man 1 Shobbitz and Man 2 Smith. Man 1 is from the merry old country of the Ukraine he is a serious business man and has ruined many lives with his ruthless domination of the candy store industry. Man 2 is visiting the Ukraine from the future, he has just built a time machine and the time traveling mechanism isn’t quite working right so he ended up here.

Man 2 enters the candy store.

Man 2: “Do you have any gummi bears?”

Man 1: “No.”

The End