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The Onion staff may be psychic

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Check out this Onion article written in January of 2001

It’s eerie as shit.


Chunes vs. Tunes or How A Tune Turn Into A Chune

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Fuckin’ Chunes DUDE!! Ever heard of a chune? I am sure that you have, a chune is essentially a really good song , it starts out a tune but somehow turns into a Chune, some examples include, most 80’s hair metal, Boston, Bon Jovi. I think that a Chune is something that about 80% of the population loves, so I guess that would be one criteria of a tune becoming a chune.

Another would be that person who puts the song in question on, do they absolutely love the song? Does this song get them pumped? Do they air guitar to it? Does most of their music in question share the same rockin’ attitude? Can you stand in a circle and drunkenly sing it? Then it is probably a chune!

Once again lets review the chune criteria:

  1. Do alot of people like the song?
  2. Do alot of Douche Bags like to “rock out” to it?
  3. Can you Air Guitar to it?
  4. When you try to call it a tune do the word chune come out of your mouth?

If you answered yes to at least 3 of these questions then you have a chune on your hands! What should you do when this occurs? Watch the video below!