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Why So Serious?

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All I have is this photo.

At Least It Gary Oldman

At Least It Gary Oldman


Rappers Delight

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Lets philosophise here for a minute. What would happen if Corrupt gave a fuck about a bitch? Socrates says, and so it is stated, that he would always be broke and he quite possibly would have no mothefuckin’ endo to smoke. Thoughts?

OJ Simpson’s Second Trial Was a Real Letdown

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Wasn’t life so much better in the 90’s?  The first time OJ decided to commit a crime, he killed his ex-wife and some other dude, went on a very low speed car chase with his boy Al Cowlings, hired Johnny Cochran (the most amusing lawyer imaginable), and got away with the whole thing – spawning national debate that broke down along racial lines.

So what happens in 2008?  He steals some of his shit back from people who stole it from him first, everyone ignores it, and he get sentenced to up to 33 years in jail.

This millenium sucks.

By request:

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Errata; an original cartoon

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A Pleasant Gremlin Death

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I love gremlins! I mean, maybe I think I do, I don’t really like the movies that much, I guess I love the idea of Gremlins and Mogwai. One thing that gets me though is that these evil gremlins come off of the cutest thing on earth or wherever it is from. They are vile, disgusting, abhoring creatures, but they sort of kill people in a cutesy ironic sort of way, I guess they can’t shed all of Gizmo’s traits. Sure they are murderous, but they wll kill you in a cute sort of way, they will lagh while flame throwing you and somehow that is sort of endearing.

Also, what happens if you get a gremlin wet, do you start getting inbred gremlins? Do the same rules apply to gremlins as they do to mogwai? Why was spike an evil mogwai? Why do I remember these things and then think about them?

Mouth Skin All Over

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Mouth Skin. Think about that for a second. It’s wet, it’s slimy, it salivates and it digests. Now, imagine that you had mouth skin all over the rest of your body. It would be an interesting time, and I would probably wish it to happen to my friends out of hilarity, just to watch them at a party and then see a tasty treat go by, then they start salivating from their body, and their clothes are soaked. Everyday you wake up you would be covered, you would have to sleep in a kiddie pool or you may digest yourself. You may even be referred to as the human slug and would have to deal with children throwing salt on you all of the time.

It sounds like it would be a terrible thing, but I would try it for a day.