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Why So Serious?

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All I have is this photo.

At Least It Gary Oldman

At Least It Gary Oldman



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Wow, good thing I remembered my password. It’d been a while eh? Just went through all the unapproved comments, there were some real winners in there. People talkign about how I shouldn’t own a dog because I hate the comic strip marmaduke. So jusy because I hate a fake dog means I am immature or shouldn’t own a dog? Marmaduke sucks, he could be a person, he still sucks, he could be the most obedient dog in the world, he still sucks, he should be thrown in a burlap sack and thrown in a river, then maybe his corpse could haunt Phil and bother the neighbor.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: WHAT A SHIT FEST!! I can’t believe I wasted a second getting excited over that movie, it was a load of garbage. Sure, I understand Spielberg wanted to usher his character into a new era, but hiding in a fridge from a nuclear blast? actualy landing in a nuclear testing facility? Ok, I took that in stride, understandable sometimes silyl situations happen in an Indy movie. Where it lost me completely though was Shai LeBouf SWINGING WITH MONKEYS!!! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!!! To me this was worse than the goddamn flying saucer. Hey look at me I am Shia LaBouf I swing with Monkeys, I am Indy’s kid and I will be in tthe next movie. NO Please don’t turn Indianan Jones into the Star Wars prequels let us remember it for how good it once was, no more Shia, worst casting for Indy’s son ever.

Batman: The Dark Knight = AWESOME!

Cliche, I know but the movie was seriously good, if you removed the joker and batman and replaced them with Good Cop #1 and Bad Guy #1 it still would have been an awesome movie.

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