Rappers Delight

Lets philosophise here for a minute. What would happen if Corrupt gave a fuck about a bitch? Socrates says, and so it is stated, that he would always be broke and he quite possibly would have no mothefuckin’ endo to smoke. Thoughts?


2 Responses to “Rappers Delight”

  1. A syllogism:

    Major Premise: All men who give a fuck about a bitch are broke
    and have no muthafuckin weed to smoke

    Minor Premise: Corrupt gives a fuck about a bitch

    Conclusion: Corrupt is broke and has no muthafuckin weed to

    This is logical

  2. Well, this is hypothetical, we don’t really know if corrupt does because he is only implying “if he gave a fuck…” so, I think that he doesn’t give a fuck at all. That’s what I am leaning toward. If he does, then you are right, if he does not then he is only implying that this is probably ehat would happen, although I think your major premise is correct

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