The Venom Condom

Would you wear a piece of venom’s suit as a condom? Would it turn your semen black? Would the condom latch onto your semen and mess with its DNA? What would happen if some altered semen got out and impregnated someone? Would this semen be mobile and be able to impregnate anyone, meaning can it walk around like the suit can at this point? What if altered semen was the sequel to altered beast?

I might do it just for the chance to have black colored semen, there has to be a way to dye your semen, I want to make that product.


2 Responses to “The Venom Condom”

  1. toasterheed Says:

    I’m picturing all the little sperm battling it out over an egg.

    That’s messed up, is what that is.

  2. That Dago That Does Your Mom Says:

    I already make that product. Just ask your mom.


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