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The Proof Is In The Pudding…

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I would like to suggest an alternate, possible complete take over of this saying. I want to change it to, the Monkey Is In The Basketball. Why?

Watch This: (click link, and scroll down. Then watch and enjoy

The Monkey Is In The Basketball

Absurdity, unbelieveable.

Person 1: So, people say you are good at writing term papers, any truth to that?

Person 2: The monkey is in the basketball.

Person 1: what?

Person 2: …


Don’t Get The CVS Generic Brand

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I got the generic brand of plax or something like that (the one where you squeeze the bottle and the top fills up) I don’t remember what it is called, anyway the CVS brand tastes like Bologna, I figured it would taste minty because it is green, but no it tastes like bologna. Also, there generic yeast infection cream tastes like pimento spread. I finished this meal off with a mayonnaise hard candy (it was there generic werthers). That is all.

Is it just me…

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or does Luis Guzman look a lot like Ron Perlman?


Shitty Vampire Movies (well, just one)

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For anyone who plans on seeing Twlight, or reading it (which is even fucking worse), read this blog entry at my favorite movie site CHUD:—Fuck-This-Face.html

AND the follow up:—Fuck-This-Face-II-Fuck-This-Face-Harder.html

Hilarity I tell you

Awesome news story

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I gotta admit I’m really into all these news stories about pirates between Somalia and Yemen (at the mouth of the Persian Gulf; The Gulf of Aden, if you will).

The Indian Navy destroyed a Pirate Mothership.

That really happened.

A great time to be alive, people!

The New Karate Kid Remake.

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Scum Smith

Scum Smith

FUCK THAT SHIT!! Seriously, FUCK THAT SHIT, if you don’t know, that scumbag Will Smith is getting his scummy ass little kid to do a Karate Kid remake, I hope Ralph Machio and the ghost of Pat Morita come back and beat those fuckers into oblivion, then go and make Karate Kid IV where it is discovered through the ghost of Pat Morita that Hillary Swanks character actually poisoned Pat Morita (ala, elle driver in kill bill) and Ralph Machio comes back to avenge his death. Man that would be one sweet movie!

The Farmer In The Dell

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ZOMG!!!!!11!!11! WTF is a dell?  That is all!