Where have you gone, Robot in Rocky IV?

First things first:  I love Rocky IV.  Love it!  Not only was it a great Revenge Theme movie but it ended the Cold War.  In fact, it was one of the more apt Cold War films; Self-Made Man versus Tool of the State, Tool of the State declaring that he fights not for the polit bureau but for himself (“Yasi byah” is almost certainly not actual Russian, but it was moving in the film).

I know the whole goddamn movie was crazy.  Why didn’t the ref stop the exhibition fight before the semi-retired, wholly beloved former heavyweight champion was beaten to death?  That’s so unlikely it may as well be impossible.  How did Rocky avoid being concussed while the Russian (whose punches have been established at 2000 psi pressure) rocks his dome repeatedly? 

But one thing stands out.

The Robot.

And it’s not even that the Robot itself was so crazy.  The real point is that in all the conversations I’ve ever had about Rocky IV, or the series as a whole (and I’ve had many), everyone just avoids the topic of the Robot.

Maybe we don’t know what to say.  What can you say? 

It’s insane to think Rocky could have single-handedly won over the hearts of the entire Soviet Union.  But at the very least, the Soviet Union was a real thing!

There’s no such thing as domestic androids!  Where could Rocky have bought that?!  It’s not a real item!! 

All of us need to stop pretending that there wasn’t a completely fucking unreal robot in Rocky IV.



7 Responses to “Where have you gone, Robot in Rocky IV?”

  1. chumpchange Says:

    maybe none of us are rich enough to know about / buy them

  2. Something regarding this worth mentioning was the robot’s complete lack of explanation. It was just there. No shoe-horned exposition regarding its presence/creation/cost or anything, we as an audience were meant to just accept it.

    That’s fucking unnerving.

  3. I always wondered about the robot, not only doesn’t this technology exist in 2008 but in 1985? Think about this however, if this outlandish plot ever actually happened it would be the greatest sporting event in the history of Earth. That’s right, Earth. An enormous, Soviet, steroid fueled, super boxer comes to America and says he will fight anyone. An over the hill legend of the sport gets offended and calls him out. The Soviet KILLS him. The current heavyweight champion of the world agrees to avenge his friends death by fighting on Christmas in Russia for no money (remember the boxing commission refused to sanction the bout). This would no doubt be the biggest sports story ever. He fucking wins and ostensibly ends the Cold War. I realize we all know the plot of Rocky IV but I just needed to type it so I could truly grasp it. Oh yeah, great soundtrack, four montages, the death of a major character, East vs. West, and a mother fucking robot.

    • Alison Price Says:

      But am I the only one who has noticed… none of you say where it went?! It just disappeared… was there… then gone! Not in Rocky 5 not in Rocky 6. Not in any of them. Once Apollo arives… it is never seen again. My father has drilled the Rocky movies into my mind ever since I was old enough for communication, I have seen them hundreds of times. But, The robot is just gone to never be seen again. And, yes I know the tenicology is not there for the robot to even be possible, but still. Us true Rocky fans wanna know… Where the fuck did the robot go!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! >.<

  4. The robot from Rocky IV was made by International Robotics Inc and you could buy a pair of them from Neiman Marcus’s Christmas catalog! His name is “Sico” and his creator and voice is Robert Doornick.
    Sico was spoofed on the family guy and recently showed up at a Celebrity Auction and Charity Gala in San Francisco that benefited Camp Okizu….a camp for kids with cancer. Sico is alive and well and he lives in New York city when he isn’t doing guest appearances! Check it out!

  5. Alison says, “And, yes I know the tenicology is not there for the robot to even be possible, but still.”

    Murfrr says, “I always wondered about the robot, not only doesn’t this technology exist in 2008 but in 1985?”

    Vadge says, “There’s no such thing as domestic androids! Where could Rocky have bought that?! It’s not a real item!!”

    The technology did exist and Sico is a real item! Take that carbon based Units!
    After the Rocky IV movie, Sico went on a nation wide tour with James brown and appeared on-stage when he sang ! Rock On Sico!

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