Captain Picard, The Truffle Shuffle, and Mr. T

So you read the title and said WTF!! Well, you would be right, What The Fuck indeed. It is exactly what I said when I saw the following images.

The first one invloves Mr. T and a shark, apparently Mr. T is more of a badass than I previously thought, I will never ever doubt him again, he has replaced Chuck Norris in my book as the world baddest ass.

Next we have the ultimate image, possibly the best thing I have ever seen online, since it doesnt involve Mr. T, it must involve one Captain Picard and The Truffle Shuffle. Ready?

Seriously, thats amazing. His flesh looks so delicious, how did they do that?

Also, enjoy the new logo.


4 Responses to “Captain Picard, The Truffle Shuffle, and Mr. T”

  1. Picard shooting Chunk might be the funniest thing I’ve seen in my life…I’m laughing enough to get looks at work right now.

  2. chumpchange Says:

    Thats awesome, I love when something is so funny people look at you, it is satisfying, although I find it weird that they think you are weird for laughing at something, I guess they just feel left out.

  3. toasterheed Says:

    Effing awesome logo, by the way.

  4. Ditto the feeling chump, the people in my office are, for the most part, particularly insufferable and bereft of imagination.

    I love writing this as I sit here, kind of feel like poking the person sitting next to me and pointing at this post while saying, “See that? I’m referring to you.”

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